Terraria 1.2 release date pushed back

It doesn’t look like the update is going to be done before I start school again the 19th.
The work that redigit is doing is amazing. All the new content will drive everyone to play Terraria again, and bring in new players at the same time, so if the game is better because of it, then I hope he takes as long as he needs to.

That said, I’ll soon be busy again with school, which coincidentally is my last semester for my degree. I really don’t know if I will get to stay in school for my Master’s degree or not, so I’ve got a lot of soul searching to do over the next few months.

On the bright side, even if I’m not a major contributor to updating tshock when Terraria 1.2 comes out, like I had originally planned, they still have a team that will get the job done.

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