Playing Terraria: none. Ops online: none.

Minecraft – Multiplayer Server

Our current version Minecraft multiplayer server is available at

Take a look at our facebook page and like it!  (click here)

This will have some pictures of our current builds as well.


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Minecraft 1.11

Llamas! We can now use llamas in Minecraft. You tame them the way you tame horses (right click and ride over and over until hearts float up). Then use hay bales to bring new llamas into the MC World. You can make Llama trains – just put a lead on one llama and the rest will follow. And, yes, you right click with a chest to add storage (9 places on a strong mature llama). Whee!   Some not so fun news – we are not currently running a server. It may come back, but during my test runs, not a single log in. Oh well! Maybe again later.


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Minecraft 1.10.2

Minecraft Version 1.10.2 – There’s now a server up on – feel free to join in and have fun.


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Release 1.8.3 Out Now!

Minecraft 1.8.3 downloaded to my computer today.

No longer pre-release snapshots the official version was distributed through the new launcher.

Speaking of which – the new launcher doesn’t use Java. I don’t know for certain, but I would suspect that may be an influence from the new owner – Microsoft.

Have fun!


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Minecraft 1.8.1-pre2 (Snapshot)

I’ve been checking it out, and so far, it looks good.

I’ve also been checking out Titan City – a world put together on a XBox 360.

I’ve loaded it up on the server. Google Titan City and you can find more info, then come play. (Click)

I’ll have the server up a lot… just for fun.


p.s. – the I.P. is .. (changed) … and could change at any time! (Thank you AT&T!)


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Minecraft 1.8 – up and running!

No, is not redirected at this point to a working server.

I’m still occasionally hosting off my home PC- you can check at

I’ve been having fun with all the updates. I really like the different doors, the new animals, and mutton stew!

Have fun!



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Minecraft – MineLater

Hi. Just letting you know – I’m still playing minecraft from time to time. I’ve also streamed some of the play. You can catch that on twitch TV – click here.

While elevatorguy is working on finishing up and maybe starting some college stuff… we’ll just let this server be in a state of suspended animation… cryrofreeze… etc. It may or may not come back. You know – he’s been footing the bill for all this by himself. If you want to Donate some support – take a look at this page on this server – Donate (Info).

Thanks for playing Minecraft with us, when you want to and when you can. More news later…


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Changing Hosting Providers

We are in the process of moving hosting providers. The web server is moved over to a temporary location for now.

Minecraft hosting is suspended at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are disappointed, too.

Terraria will be offline.


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Starbound Beta Out. Terraria Back In.

Since there wasn’t many people using the Starbound Beta Server it is switched back to Terraria.
Once Starbound is out of Beta, things might change, but until then,

Have fun playing Terraria!

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We’ve upgraded to Minecraft Version 1.7.4 – its up and running. It includes the client capability of broadcasting your game live. Check out more about how to do that on !

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